How, When and Where can I vote?

Ballots can be submitted at the  The Firebarn Gallery located at 18 N.5th St. or at Michigan Rag Co at any time  in the drop boxes located at those sites. Votes can also be submitted in the drop box located inside Frame and Mat Shop 728 Washington Street and Deelite Bar & Grill 24 Washington Street during their business hours.

All ballots must be submitted by 6:00pm on October 7, 2015.

How is the winner determined?

The piece receiving the most votes for each category and one overall winner will be chosen.


Where does the prize money come from?

The prize money is donated by our amazing sponsors!


When and where will the winners be announced?

October 8, 2015  5pm Grand Haven Community Center 421 Columbus Avenue


Can I vote more than once?

NO. Each person may only vote once in each of the 5 categories.


How will votes be counted?

We will be hand counting the ballots received throughout the event. Many thanks to our volunteers!


How do I find out results?

The results will be announced at a public gathering on October 8, 2015. The winners will also be announced on Facebook, Twitter and the website (ghartwalk.com).


How do I use this map?

Each venue has been designated a specific number, the artists being hosted at each venue are listed with the corresponding number.


Are there venue locations with more than one artist?

Yes, many of our locations are featuring the work of more than one artist.


What are hours the venues are open?

The venues are open from 10:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday and 12:00pm -5:00pm Saturday and Sunday. For the few venues that are not open on a Saturday or Sunday, their featured works will be visible through a lobby area or window display.


What is the Headquarters?

The ArtWalk Headquarters (Firebarn Gallery, 18 N. 5th St.) is a location serving as a venue where patrons may deliver their ballots. The Headquarters also hosts a lounge for artists and will make available all information necessary for participation. A sitemap of participating artists’ works will also be located at ArtWalk Headquarters.


Will any of the art remain displayed in Grand Haven?

It is possible that some of the submissions will become permanent art for Grand Haven. Arrangements with the venue/property owner would have to be made.


Can you buy/sell art?

Yes, Artists willing to sell their art will provide their contact info. However, pieces wishing to be purchased may not be removed from the hosting venue until the conclusion of ArtWalk. Several participating artists will feature their works at the Downtown Art Market on Saturday, October 3.


What do the numbers next to the art mean?

The numbers located next to the art will help you designate which pieces  to vote for on your ballot.


Where can I find out the Work description of a particular artist?

The information will be displayed on an ArtWalk identification label attached to the front area of the art.


Can Artists participate in both ArtPrize and ArtWalk?



Will there be a Top 10?

There will not be an official top ten.


What will happen to the winning art?

It may sell while on display but that decision will be left for the Artist.


What are the four zones?

The four zones consist of Downtown, Centertown, Hilltop, and Central Park.


How many pieces can an Artist enter?

Each artist is allowed to enter one piece in each of the 5 categories.


How are Venues and Artist matched?

Artists are provided with a list of participating venues and have to seek out a hosting venue for their work.


Who can vote?

Anyone is eligible to vote!

Special Thanks to our Sponsors