Grand Haven ArtWalk  will award two grand prizes worth $500.00. The Popular Vote Competition will present five category awards worth $3,750.00.  The Juried Art Competition will present five category awards worth $3,750.00.

Whether you are an Art Critic or Art Enthusiast, engaging with a work of art can be a meaningful and lasting experience. The following four-step process, designed by the staff from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, encourages in depth looking and careful, critical thinking with any work of art that you may view.

We hope you will enjoy using this easy four-step process while viewing all the wonderful works of art during Grand Haven ArtWalk 2015!

Take time to look at the work of art.

  • Take in the entire work of art, pay close attention to the details. Ask this question, “What do I notice?”   Take inventory of everything you see.
  • Look at the work of art for 30 seconds, then turn around and try to remember everything you observed. Look back and ask yourself, “What did I overlook?”

Talk about what you see in the work of art.

  • Describe all of the things that you see. Explore line, shape, color, composition, material, and subject matter.
  • Think of expressive language to describe what you see in detail. For example, instead of saying, “I see the sky,” you could say, “I see a dark, foreboding sky full of heavy clouds that sulk across the composition.”

Interpret and assign meaning to the work of art.

  • Think and Discuss the following:
    • What story is taking place? What is the setting, or the time and place depicted?
    • What is the mood of the work? How do I know?
    • What is this work of art about?
    • What is the artist trying to communicate through the creation of this work of art?

Relate what you see to your own life, or to other works of art or images you have seen.

  • Think and Discuss the following:
    • What does this work of art remind me of? Why?
    • How does this work of art relate to an aspect of my own life?
    • Compare this work of art to other images/objects that you have seen, either in a museum or in your everyday life. How are they similar? How are they different?


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