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Congratulations to the winners of Grand Haven ArtWalk 2018! Juried Awards Drawing Category 1st Place:  Chandra Jennings 2nd Place: Jeremy True Specialty Media Category 1st Place:  Michelle Martin 2nd Place: Kris Campau Painting Category 1st Place:  Sandy Meyer 2nd Place: Dan Parker Sculpture Category 2nd Place: Farrer Coston 1st Place:  Kris Campau Photography Category  1st Place:  Nick Ford 2nd Place: Victoria Veenstra     …..

Thursday, October 6 @ 6:00 pm Grand Haven Community  Center 421 Columbus Avenue Join us tonight at the Grand Haven Community Center as we award the winners of ArtWalk’s main competition. Winners will be selected from each of ArtWalk’s five categories—painting, photography, drawing, mixed media, and sculpture—by a jury, and an identical prize pool will be …..

Free studio tours are available on September 28th, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm! See the magic behind the work at the following locations: SilverFire Studios C2C Gallery Armory Art Center Dave & Dolfe’s Everybody’s Studio Studio JSD Mary Sundstrom Studio Lee Ann Frame, Norris Creek Printmaking Studio Deborah Bowen Check out the event on …..

The 2016 ArtBike Parade has concluded! The parade began at 11:30 am on September 24th at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Third Street, and came to an end at Harbor Drive. A variety of beautifully decorated bikes took part in the event, and at 1:30 pm public voting decided the winners for each of five categories. This year’s …..

Category 1: Drawing  People’s Choice   Ages 8 and younger: “Sunflowers” by Olivia Klein   Ages 9-13: “Grandma’s Scarlet Tanger” by Briana Bloom   Ages 14 through high school senior: “Profiles” by Alexandra Webster   Judges’ Choice   Ages 8 and younger: “Face Maze” by James Schmidt   Ages 9-13: “Grandma’s Scarlet Tanger” by Briana …..

2015 Independent Judges Picks Drawing Honorable Mention: Division by Kyle McKey @ Patricia’s Chocolates 2nd: Sense of Direction by Lee Ann frame @ Borrs 1st: Untitled by Karen Ford Smith @ Patricia’s Chocolates Mixed Media Honorable Mention: Necklace by Caroline Harvit @ Gliks                                                                                      2nd: Family by Adam Dalstrom @ The Theater Bar 1st: Toby the …..

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