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Category 1: Drawing  People’s Choice   Ages 8 and younger: “Sunflowers” by Olivia Klein   Ages 9-13: “Grandma’s Scarlet Tanger” by Briana Bloom   Ages 14 through high school senior: “Profiles” by Alexandra Webster   Judges’ Choice   Ages 8 and younger: “Face Maze” by James Schmidt   Ages 9-13: “Grandma’s Scarlet Tanger” by Briana …..

2015 Independent Judges Picks Drawing Honorable Mention: Division by Kyle McKey @ Patricia’s Chocolates 2nd: Sense of Direction by Lee Ann frame @ Borrs 1st: Untitled by Karen Ford Smith @ Patricia’s Chocolates Mixed Media Honorable Mention: Necklace by Caroline Harvit @ Gliks                                                                                      2nd: Family by Adam Dalstrom @ The Theater Bar 1st: Toby the …..

Thank you to Bob Peskorse for taking all of our photos!  If you would like to use a photo, please contact him at his website Grand Haven Photos for permission.  Thank you!    

Sculpture location corrections: 1. Farr Coston’s “Walking Man” is by Citgo on Washington 2. Bob Berg’s “Race Cars: are at Fifth Third Bank 3. Paul Herrigan’s “Many Bikes” is at Michigan Rag

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