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Popular Vote Sculpture:
1st: Terry Kipling (The Paper Place)
2nd: Clare Stephens (Gallery Uptown)

Sculpture (Juried):
1st- Stephen Kurtz– City Space Brass River
2nd- Mark Chatterley–C2C Gallery

Popular Vote Painting:
1st: Christa Barnell (The Paper Place)
2nd: Catherine McClung (Museum)

Painting (Juried):
1st- Bernard (Doc) Duff (Museum)
2nd- Kathleen Harrigan (Museum)

Popular Vote Drawing:
1st: Thomas Thiery (Gallery Uptown)
2nd: Yvonne Mitchell (Michigan Rag)

Drawing (Juried):
1st- David Breuklander (GH Community Center)
2nd- LeeAnne Frame (Borr’s Shoes & Accessories)

Popular Vote Mixed Media:
1st: Karen Tombs (Buffalo Bob’s)
2nd: Barbara Carlson (Museum)

Mixed Media (Juried):
1st-Christa Barnell (Carlyn & Co.)
2nd- Sam Coston (The Bookman)

Popular Vote Photography:
1st: Bill Klouw (Amici)
2nd: Bob Peskorse (Studio 206)

Photography (Juried):
1st- Walter Elliot (GH Community Center)
2nd- Eric Menzel (Spice Merchants)

Overall Highest Vote Receiver:
Terry Kipling (The Paper Place)

Congratulations to all the Winners!

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