Category 1 – Drawing

Basic Definition: Implying volume, space and color with the use of line.


Category 2 – Painting

Basic Definition: Artwork would include any paint medias. 2D works that hang on a wall or displayed on an easel.


Category 3 – Photography

Basic Definition: Traditional photo process, digital, and computer enhanced.


Category 4—Sculpture (3-D)

Basic Definition: Artwork would have height, width and depth. Inclusive of, but not limited to, the following materials: stone, cement, wood, metals, plastics, fibers, etc.


Category 5 – Mixed Media

Basic Definition:  The combination of media that are traditionally unrelated, such as stone and paint, cloth and mosaic, etc. OR any media that cannot be defined by the other 4 categories (Mixing different forms of painting, such as oil and watercolor, does not imply mixed media.)


Category 6 – Group Entry (Youth Competition Only)

Group Entries for the youth competition will this year be accepted and judged in their own category. Works could be mobiles, mosaics, sculptures – whatever – created by classrooms, clubs or entire schools!


Family Art Day 2012

Family Art Day 2012


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