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The 2016 ArtBike Parade has concluded! The parade began at??11:30 am on September 24th at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Third Street, and came to an end at Harbor Drive. A variety of beautifully decorated bikes took part in the event, and at 1:30 pm public voting decided the winners for??each of five??categories.??This year’s categories??included: Ages 8 and under, Ages 9 through 13, Ages 14 and up through High School, Adult, and Businesses or Organizations.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Preferred Automotive ArtBike Parade!

Ages 8 and Under
1st Place: Titus Kitchen
2nd Place: Vacarais Merten
3rd Place: Liv Smolenski

Ages 9 – 13
1st Place: Caleb Kitchen
2nd Place: Rachel Kitchen
3rd Place: John Bandstra

Ages 14 – High School
1st Place: Isaac Kitchen

1st Place: Ronda Russet
2nd Place: Yvonne Olmsted
3rd Place: Nijole (no last name provided)

1st Place: Main Street Grand Haven
2nd Place: Aldea Coffe



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