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2015 Independent Judges Picks

Honorable Mention: Division by Kyle McKey @ Patricia’s Chocolates

2nd: Sense of Direction by Lee Ann frame @ Borrs

1st: Untitled by Karen Ford Smith @ Patricia’s Chocolates

Mixed Media
Honorable Mention: Necklace by Caroline Harvit @ Gliks                                                                                     

2nd: Family by Adam Dalstrom @ The Theater Bar

1st: Toby the Great by Karen VanKlompenberg @ Santo Stefanos

Honorable Mention: Cover Her Eyes by Rick Beerhorst @ The Armory Art Center

2nd: Jazz Man by Jon McDonald @ The Armory Art Center

1st: Aeronautica by Gerry Giorgio @ The Theater Bar

Honorable Mention: Finial Fish 2nd Edition by Al Weston @ Snug Harbor
2nd: I’m a Little Teapot by Bette DelVecchio @ JJ Marche
1st: Dressed to the Beans by Kristin Campau @ Studio JSD

Honorable Mention: Bravely Into the Unknown by Jay Luptak @ CCS Technologies

2nd: A Light Rain by Daniel Harvell @ Jumpin Java

1st: Last Light, Havana by Richard App @ Grand Armory Brewing Co.

2015 People’s Choice Awards

Honorable Mention: Casey by Yvonne Mitchell @ Calico Cat and

Light of the World by Thomas Thiery @ The Gallery Uptown

2nd: Sense of Direction by Lee Ann frame @ Borrs

1st: Bygone Illuminations by Michelle Martin @ Borrs

Mixed Media
Honorable Mention: Necklace by Caroline Harvitt @ Gliks                                                                                     

2nd: The Ever Changing Landscape by Christine Hornby @ Studio JSD

1st: Mind Games by Karen Tombs @ Buffalo Bob’s

Honorable Mention: Sweet Dreams by Christa Barnell @ The Paper Place

&     Wordplay Two, by George by Marlan Cotner @ Must Love Dogs

2nd: Poppets by Nanci Burnside @ Michigan Rag

1st: Birds of the Bible by Catherine McClung @ The Tri-Cities Historical Museum

Honorable Mention: Walking Man by Farrer Coston @ on Washington near Beacon Blvd.
2nd: On the Defiance by Clare Stephens @ The Gallery Uptown
1st: Fascinating Loons by Terry Kipling @ The Paper Place

Honorable Mention: Rays of the Rising Sun by Deb Neerken @ CCS Gliks

2nd: The Water’s Edge by Bob Peskorse @ Studio 206

1st: Beauty of the Grand River by Bill Klouw @ Amici

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