ArtWalk 2017 Artists

Grand Haven ArtWalk is an annual collaboration of artists, local businesses and members of the lakeshore community in a collective celebration of art. Artists from the local area and beyond participate in an art competition in the following categories: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture(3D) and mixed media. ArtWalk will take place Sept. 28- Oct. 8.

Here is the list of participating artists. 

Aziza Abbasi, Painting
Daniel Achterhoff, Photography
Scott Allen, Painting
Les Appelt, Painting
Jim & Heather Babala, Sculpture
Maggie Bandstra, Sculpture
Christa Barnell , Sculpture
Christa Barnell , Mixed Media
Christa Barnell , Painting
Catherine Bemis, Painting
Kellie Bennor, Mixed Media
Shane Bennor, Drawing
Tricia Bernhard, Photography
Sandra Blackstone, Photography
Lynne Boezaart, Painting
Jim Boismier, Photography
Elizabeth Bollweg, Painting
Catherine Borrelli, Mixed Media
Diane Bytwerk-Hanway, Painting
Kris Campau, Mixed Media
Debbie Campbell, Mixed Media
Barbara Carlson, Drawing
Barbara Carlson, Painting
Blair Celano, Photography
Carol Cooper, Photography
Irene Cooper, Painting
Marlan Cotner, Painting
Line Cournoyer, Painting
Ginger Creasy, Sculpture
Sherrie Cwiklinski, Painting
Adam Dahlstrom, Mixed Media
Patricia Dee, Painting
Patricia Dee, Photography
Bette DelVecchio, Mixed Media
Bette DelVecchio, Sculpture
Sid Disbrow, Painting
Rachel Drelles, Painting
Cathy Dykstra, Painting
Jason Eisper, Painting
Walter Elliot, Photography
Jane Ewing , Mixed Media
Kinsey Fase, Drawing
Sharon Ferrell, Painting
Suzanne Ferrell, Painting
Kenneth Foster, Mixed Media
Sylvia Foust, Sculpture
Lee Ann Frame, Drawing ??
Mariangela Fremura, Painting
Andy Frisinger, Painting
Bruce Ken Gordon, Drawing
Jan Grant, Painting
Yvonne Gray Lynch, Mixed Media
Cristine Grimm, Photography
Karlie Hall, Painting
Karlie Hall, Mixed Media
Kit Kat Harrigan, Painting
Lynette Heinz, Photography
Kristen Herrick, Photography
Stephanie Hoekenga, Painting
Marc Hoeksema, Photography
Joy Hulst, Painting
Cat Jackson, Painting
Chandra Jennings, Drawing
Richard Johnson, Painting
Wayne A. Johnson, Sculpture
RC Johnston, Photography
Julia Kaye, Sculpture
Julia Kaye, Painting
Carol Keene, Painting
Kristine Kelley, Sculpture
Jeri Kiel, Sculpture
Terry Kipling, Sculpture
Gloria Kirk-Hanna, Mixed Media
Karen Kolenic, Painting
Michael Koole, Photography
Brenda Kozik, Painting
Linda Kramer, Mixed Media
Susan Kruszynski, Mixed Media
Mary Lanka, Painting
Kurt Larson, Photography
Denise LeClaire, Mixed Media
Derek Lenters, Mixed Media
Donna Levandowski, Sculpture
Harry Lindback, Photography
Mary Lindback, Photography
Joren Lindholm, Painting
Tyler Loftis, Painting
Lynette Lombaird, Painting
Jackie Lozicki, Drawing
Nancy MacLachlan, Painting
Todd Maertz, Photography
Marie Marfia, Painting
Kathleen O’Brien & Mark Jones, Mixed Media
Michelle Martin, Drawing
Catherine McClung, Painting
Catherine McClung, Mixed Media
Eric Menzel, Photography
Eric Menzel, Mixed Media
Sandy Meyer, Painting
Reini Moser, Painting
Daniel Muellerleile, Sculpture
Clayton Negen, Painting
Ronald O’Brien, Painting
Diane Olsen, Painting
Diane Olsen, Mixed Media
Lisa Olsen, Mixed Media
Summer Osborn, Photography
Sarah Oullette, Drawing
Sarah Oullette, Painting
Janice Paulson, Painting
Bob Peskorse, Photography
Susan Pragaspathy, Painting
Katerie Prior, Painting
Chris Protas, Painting
William Randall, Mixed Media
William Randall, Painting
Elizabeth Reenders, Photography
Patrick Reilly, Painting
Aref Riaz Rahman, Photography
Leslie Roberts, Painting
Marie Rodgers, Photography
Brian Roscoe, Photography
Thomas Saltsman, Painting
J Arthur Sanders, Painting
Grant Schliewe, Sculpture
Wendy Schweifler, Painting
Randy Smith, Painting
Clare Stephens, Sculpture
Sean Sterzer, Mixed Media
Jane Stoepker, Painting
Dov Talpaz, Painting
Rachel TerBeek, Painting
Thomas Thiery, Painting
Thomas Thiery, Drawing
Ellen Trumbo, Painting
Judith Tummins, Painting
Jeanne Van Wieren, Painting
Gloria Vandam, Painting
Chip Vander Wier, Mixed Media
Chip Vander Wier, Sculpture
Lesa VanSingel, Painting
Ronald Varga, Sculpture
Victoria Veenstra, Photography
Dave Vollmer, Mixed Media
Dave Vollmer, Sculpture
Kevin Walburg, Sculpture
Bob Warren, Photography
Paige Wilds, Drawing
Paige Wilds, Painting
Patti Wilkinson, Painting
Jason Williamson, Painting
Peter Winirski, Photography
Cari Woday, Mixed Media
Gerard Wood, Mixed Media
Rosalyn S. Wright, Drawing
Grace Young, Mixed Media

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